International Coaching Certification

About the Program

This program represents a unique opportunity to get an International Certification in Coaching from an organization with certified members in over 60 countries.

This training will help you acquire and develop the fundamental skills necessary to practice coaching in the personal and organizational sphere.

Access to a Global Community

With this program, you will be able to obtain the International Certification in Coaching and become a member of the International Coaching Community.

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Program Features

World-Class Training

Internationally guaranteed certification that supports your training as a coach, tested by more than 11,500 coaches in 60 countries.

Integral and Multicultural Model

It integrates different models and philosophies in a unique, powerful, and flexible process, suitable for international coaching projects that involve different cultures.

Training and Certification Process



Participants work on planning and establishing goals through self-evaluation questionnaires, book reviews, and planning the learning experience.


This is the required course to get certified. Participants develop their skills to learn key coaching concepts and put them in practice every day.


Participants complete certification activities, including client coaching projects, self-evaluations and conceptual integration tasks, book reviews, and self-coaching projects.

Certification Details

Topics Covered

‚óŹ Tactical coaching: how to achieve more change in one session.

‚óŹ How to implement strategic coaching over an extended period of time.

‚óŹ Skills to help clients live more satisfactory lives.

‚óŹ Develop and use intuition.

‚óŹ How to work with the client‚Äôs goals.

‚óŹ How to work with the client‚Äôs main values.

‚óŹ How to devise action plans that work.

‚óŹ How to execute the all-important first session.

‚óŹ The powerful questions that change clients‚Äô live and WHEN to ask them.

‚óŹ How to assign tasks to clients to get the best results and what to do if these aren‚Äôt


‚óŹ How to help clients overcome their fears and mental blocks.

‚óŹ How to promote your coaching.

‚óŹ The ethical guidelines of coaching.

‚óŹ The art and levels of listening.

‚óŹ How to work with and change clients‚Äô limited beliefs.

‚óŹ How to help clients design their best future possible with long-term goals.

‚óŹ Develop your own coaching style.

‚óŹ How to time your interventions to achieve the maximum impact.

‚óŹ When to be directive and when to be non-directive.

‚óŹ How to make requests, establish challenges, and design tasks.

‚óŹ Systemic thought to find the point of influence in your coaching practice.

‚óŹ How to achieve maximum change with minimum effort.


Who is it for?

‚óŹ People who want to practice certified coaching.

‚óŹ Leaders who want to develop their coworkers to their maximum potential.

‚óŹ Heads of HR who need to incorporate a model geared toward the development of talent and

people in their organizations.

‚óŹ Consultants, teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc. who want to develop their communication from

a coaching perspective.

If you’re already a coach, this course will broaden your skills and give you new tools and options in

your coaching practice. Coaching helps people change the way they want and direct themselves

toward the way they want to go. Coaching helps people, at all levels, become who they want to be

and be the best version of themselves.

This course includes examples of both business coaching and personal coaching.


‚óŹ Command of the skills necessary to be a coach.

‚óŹ Improve personal efficiency.

‚óŹ Improve the ability to positively influence other people.

‚óŹ Acquire tools to help in problem-solving or specific conflict.

‚óŹ Successfully lead programs or projects of change.

‚óŹ Training in a powerful, practical, and highly effective methodology.

‚óŹ Devise work plans that work.

‚óŹ Clarify clients‚Äô goals and make them consistent with their values.

‚óŹ Support your client to go beyond their fears and blocks.

Activities Required


Book summaries/reviews

Develop a written review of a book relevant to coaching found on the list provided in the training. This summary will be distributed to all participants and to the trainer for comments and feedback.


Coaching project

Participants must fulfill at least 20 hours of coaching, with at least two teams; each one will receive at least ten hours of coaching. They should present a written report of those coaching projects to the trainer, within six months of the initial training. You may also present a video with written commentary.

Self-coaching project

Each participant will work on a project for their own development. Participants should present their goals for the project to the trainer ‚Äď the values it represents and¬†their plan of action ‚Äď one month before the end of the course. This project could entail a course of¬†study or any self-development activity. The project should be finished in three months, and a written¬†report should be turned in to the trainer.

Participants who satisfactorily complete the course and carry out the post-course practical tasks will get the ICC’s International Certification in Coaching. 

It was a very worthwhile experience. My ontological training was complemented with ethics and the ICC method. A combination of respect and fondness for the client with a rigorous coaching process. I am very grateful to the ICC and trainers Alejandro and Sandra.

Marcelo Rapport


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