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The ICC is one of the largest professional organizations for coaches around the world, with more than 11,500 coaches certified in 60 countries.The ICC is a non-profit company registered in London, England, and founded by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages in 2001.

The ICC is committed to developing the coaching profession at all levels through a complete training of the highest standards of quality, which includes trainings for personal (or life), corporate (or business), team (or group), and executive coaching.

ICC Membership Benefits


Lifetime Membership

Our community offers a lifetime membership that doesn’t require annual dues or renewal.


Global Networking

Contact members around the world through the exclusive social network for certified coaches.


Continuous Training

The ICC Academy offers free webinars and distance courses with international trainers.


Global Support

ICC coaches rely on a personal profile on the ICC website to refer clients to and endorse their certification.


Exclusive Benefits

ICC offers its members exclusive discounts for training programs and international events.


Reference Network

Become part of the recommendation network for ICC coaches so that clients can contact you.

Board of Directors

Joseph O'Connor

Joseph O'Connor

ICC Co-Founder and Global Director

Joseph O’Connor is one of the most well-known and respected coaches and coaching trainers in the world. He has taught in North and South America, Hong Kong, Singapore (where he was awarded the National Community Leadership Institute medal), New Zealand, and most European countries. More information

Andrea Lages

Andrea Lages

ICC Co-Founder and Global Director

Andrea Lages is an executive coach, a writer, a consultant, and one of the most respected coaching trainers in the world. She has trained coaches in over 30 countries. She is a trainer and co-creator of the Master’s in Executive Coaching at the University of Derby in England. More information

Alejandro Feiges

Alejandro Feiges

Global Director and Trainer

Alejandro was certified as an international coach in 2006 by Andrea Lages and Joseph O’Connor and is now one of the global directors of the International Coaching Community, along with Andrea Lages, Joseph O’Connor, and Alexandra Lemos. He is also specialized in ontological coaching and NLP at a Master’s level. More information

Alexandra Lemos

Alexandra Lemos

Global Director and Trainer

Alexandra is an entrepreneur passionate about working directly with people and their daily challenges. She holds a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Science with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. For the past sixteen years, she has developed her work in the technical and sales field, and training teams for businesses in the industrial and service sectors. More information 

Certification Programs

International Coaching Certification

With this program, you will be able to obtain the International Certification in Coaching and become a member of the International Coaching Community.

International Certification in Team Coaching

This is a specialized training for coaches who want to create more cohesive, creative, and efficient work teams.

International Certification in Business Coaching

More and more businesses are investing in coaching to develop their senior managers’ leadership skills. This course will help you develop yourself as a coach and become one of the elite coaches for leaders.

International Certification in Executive Coaching

The certification will enable you to guide leaders, executives and organizations to deliver better results and reach the highest level of performance.

International Certification in Life Coaching

This unique course is geared to train coaches to help people balance their lives.

ICC Methodology

The Lambent coaching methodology is currently being used in over one hundred trainings a year in over thirty countries.

It has been used to train over six thousand people in sixty countries since 2001. It is structured and delivered using principles of Andragogy (Adult learning principles) that engage, motivate and efficiently pass knowledge and skills to adult learners.

The Lambent International Coaching Certification Training certified by the ICC at their level one, has been independently evaluated according to University Standards. It has been awarded a European Quality Award (EQA) in 2010 by the European Coaching and Mentoring Association. (EMCC) It therefore also meets the requirements of the International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC Portfolio path.

The structure and content of the Lambent course is designed to give the students knowledge, skill and self development. It is applicable to business people at every level.

The method is an integrated framework from the following main coaching models:

• Ontological coaching (Fernando Flores, James Flaherty and Julio Ollala)
• Integral studies (Ken Wilber)
• Inner Game and Co active coaching (Laura Whitworth ,Timothy Gallwey and Sir John Whitmore)
• Positive Psychology (Martin Seligman)
• Evidence based Coaching (Anthony Grant)
• Neuro-Linguistic programming (John Grinder and Richard Bandler)
• and Behavioural Coaching (Perry Zeus and Suzanne Skiffington)

The method is suitable to develop executives and for executives to use to develop others.

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